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About us

Hello everyone!

Sergey and Alena are in touch and it is we who are guilty of creating this online store.

In 2019, when we lived in Moscow, we were tired of what was happening in Russian retail and we decided to move to Istanbul to open a small distribution company.

Very soon we realized that Turkish-made products, despite the impressive turnover of Turkish productions, are not enough on the Russian and world market - most sellers offer either very high prices for goods or collections from many years ago. Also, a number of Turkish brands are not represented on the world markets from the word "at all".

And yet, many popular European and American brands prefer to sew their products in Istanbul.

Business stars turned out well - we managed to build communication with suppliers and establish international logistics.

This is how the largest online hypermarket of goods from Turkey appeared. Today we offer for purchase more than 2 000 Turkish and European brands, have a head office in Istanbul, a back office in Moscow, and several very cool people who are also involved in the development of this project.

There should be something about the mission and goals here, so:

We believe that clothes should be:

  • comfortable
  • high-quality
  • affordable

Our goal is to simplify the life of customers by expanding the boundaries of choice and reducing the cost of the Russian and world clothing market.

The main directions are clothing, shoes, accessories and traditional Turkish treats.

We try to maintain balance by cooperating with suppliers from different price segments, style trends and fashion trends.

If, suddenly, you have read the static descriptions on each page of products, then you know that we often write that we make every effort to make our customers happy. And these are not empty words: we really have free delivery of each order (there is no minimum amount per order), free refund (our customers do not have to pay transportation costs or any commissions if they want to make a refund, hello to international online retail). We check each order before sending it to the customer, therefore, the probability of getting a defective product is minimal. Unfortunately, when we first opened, we had a few precedents related to a to small defects (in one case, we immediately returned the money, and in the second we exchanged the goods, and it seems like everyone was satisfied, but we are still ashamed) and it taught us a lot.

When customers come back to us with new orders, we have a little tradition in our office - we clap our hands. So, if you place the second, third, tenth order with us, you know, applause sounds in your honor. We will finish the story about how cool we are by reminding you that we put a small gift in every order worth over $ 150.

Oh, yes, one more important thing: we don't have a phone number of your country to call - we choose messengers. This is due to the fact that direct communication with customers is important to us, and the founders personally deal with it. Sergey is responsible for WhattsAp, and Alyona is responsible for Telegram. We speak English, Russian and a little Spanish.

We hope that we manage to make your life a little easier and happier.

Melenim, with love.

Оur business details:
Beneficiary customer: Melenim (LLC)
Account number: 40702840201500008312