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Kemal Tanca

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Kemal Tanca brand is a value that is transferred from generation to generation. The history of the production of genuine leather products of the Kemal Tanca brand dates back to 1950. And today, it is one of the leading manufacturers of leather shoes and jackets in Turkey. The brand of Kemal Tanca has been projecting quality and originality on its products since the first day of its existence. Kemal Tanca is widely known outside Turkey, the products are distinguished by high quality processing of genuine leather and original design. Leather shoes, leather jackets, leather belts and bags - there is a wide scope for choice for men and women. The average price segment pays for its cost by the duration of wear of products. If you are interested in natural leather jackets and leather shoes from famous Turkish brands, so Kemal Tanca is an unsurpassed choice.