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Jeans are truly an indispensable and the most versatile element of every person's wardrobe. It's hard to imagine a place where they wouldn't be worn. Regardless of culture, traditional clothing or weather conditions, jeans are ubiquitous.

One of the most famous brands for the production of denim clothing is rightfully considered Levis, the founder of which is Loeb Strauss. Being of Jewish origin, Loeb left Germany and in 1847 arrived in America, changing his name to Levi Strauss. The gold rush that soon began allowed Strauss to supply gold miners with the necessary goods, including durable canvas trousers. They dispersed at lightning speed, like hot cakes.

In 1853 Strauss opened his studio-atelier, where trousers were made in an improved design with unique details in the form of pockets, clasps and straps. It was Levis jeans that became the most fashionable thing of the century according to Time magazine in 1999.

Levis clothing is practicality and unchanging style. In our online store you can buy Levis clothes at a bargain price with delivery in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries in the shortest possible time.