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Mare Mosso

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The popular Turkish coffee brand Mare Mosso first saw the world in the historic Balat district in Istanbul's Fatih district in 2017, as a boutique cafe with its own production. Mare Mosso draws ideas for its inspiration from the history of the Levantine Coffee maritime trade, which was of great importance in the historical formation of the popularity of coffee as a drink. In addition to the Levantines, who crossed the Mediterranean Sea on galleys and contributed to the fact that coffee reached almost anywhere in the world, ports, sea and ships are important elements of the Mare Mosso brand. Also, the brand name Mare Mosso, translated from Italian, means the Undulating Sea. The brand name is a symbol of respect for the difficult Mediterranean voyages of galleys. The brand defines itself as having a "modern vintage" character. Mare Mosso uses the Italian-style frying method. You can buy ground coffee, filter coffee with different flavors: from cherry to rose flavor, from cinnamon flavor to mint coffee from Mare Mosso brand in the official online store